4 Things You Need to Know about Property Rights in the Metaverse

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the rights people have when purchasing an NFT
(Non-Fungible Token). There is no doubt that copyright law governs the rights related to NFTs, but copyright law varies enough from place to place that the rules are often unclear. Many people in the metaverse want to believe that they own all the rights related to whichever creative work they purchase and are spending a great deal of money and effort to build entire businesses around their NFTs. Unfortunately, NFTs are like any other piece of intellectual property and the purchase of a work of art does not necessarily mean that you have any rights related to the artwork except the right to display it.

Is the university ready for the GDPR?

Is the university ready for the GDPR? Authors: Bruce Whitfield Affiliate professor for CopyrightX Harvard course for Bulgaria and Dencheva Yordanova Associate professor, Bulgarian academy of science Готов ли е университетът за GDPR? Автори: Брус Уитфилд, Асоцииран...

Public Service Media in the Digital Single Market

Public Service Media (PSM) are not a phenomenon exclusive for Europe. However, on this continent they are probably most prominent. First created in the turbulent times in the middle of the 20th century, often as an instrument of state propaganda, PSM have evolved...

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