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ILAC Magazine

In today’s interconnected world, digital law, also referred to as technology law or cyber law issues are global in scope. Recognizing this, ILAC decided to start the initiative ILAC Magazine where to collaborates with international scholars, lawyers, and public officials to compare different regulatory regimes of the digital environment of various countries and to confront issues surrounding the international development of digital law.


Starting with a focus on intellectual property, ILAC has expanded to develop an equally deep expertise on data privacy. Our activities now encompass the full range of technology law, including cybercrime and cybersecurity, biotech, entertainment law, telecommunications regulation, and many other areas of constitutional, regulatory, and business law. ILAC has strong working relationships with universities around the world, including Tel Aviv University, Israel; Renmin University, Beijing; Peking University, Beijing; and the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam.


The ILAC Magazine primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. The Magazine comes out monthly from November through July. The organization is formally independent and our editors make all editorial and organizational decisions.

Aside from serving as an academic forum for legal scholarship, the Magazine has two other goals. First, the journal is designed to be an effective research tool for practicing lawyers and students of the law from Bulgaria and abroad. ILAC Magazine has only an English version in order to reach legal professionals all around as well as to be able to present to them the Bulgarian legal perspective.

Second, it provides opportunities for young legal professionals interested in the digital law to develop their own editing and writing skills. Accordingly, each issue contains pieces by student editors as well as outside authors. We encourage young authors and to publish with us expressing even when they might have unorthodox opinion on certain matters as long as they are  well motivated  and  grounded.

The Magazine publishes articles by professors, judges, and practitioners and solicits reviews of important recent books from recognized experts. All articles — even those by the most respected authorities — are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance and tone.

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